What is CuriosiTea?

**** We are proud to announce, that CuriosiTea has been nominated for the Giebichenstein Design Award 2013 for Most Ambitious Project. ****

CuriosiTea encourages experienced professionals and students to share a tea-time full of insights and experiences with motivated profession-seekers.

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CuriosiTea – The Idea

During a CuriosiTea the person you are visiting can share their insights and experiences with you, answering all of your questions related to their profession over a cup of tea or coffee. Each tea-time offers the chance to ask for a referral, so that after the first CuriosiTea, you can follow a second one, or even a work shadow.

During a work shadow you accompany a person at work. That way, you gain direct insights into what fascinates you. In doing so, you act as an unobtrusive shadow. Work Shadows have been a common practice in the US and the UK for a while, but for some reason have not taken off in Germany and other European countries, yet.

Take a look and get inspired by Michael Warshsafsky’s 60-Jobs-in-60-Days workshadow-experiences here:  www.sixtyinsixty.com

Or check out our explanation Video here:

CuriosiTea Video (English) Rough from OTTilie on Vimeo.


CuriosiTea – The Platform

CuriosiTea is also the name of the platform we are building. This platform shall connect those seeking CuriosiTeas and Work Shadows with those offering them. Our goal is to create a more personal extension to the digital information paths that exist so far.

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How do we want to achieve that?

Through a website with an interactive map, on which you can easily find CuriosiTea- and Work Shadow hosts. Additionally, there will be information on the subject and a simple pocket guide, to help you get prepared. You can download and print the guide here:



Folding instructions you can find here:

V8-pager-folding instructions: Video

V8-pager-folding instructions: Drawn

To help CuriosiTea-participants recognize one another, there will be a badge, that can be attached to the website or printed out and displayed on a store front window.

And Why?

For us, this is not about profit, no, it is simply about offering you the possibility to become a bit happier or at least more content in the choice of your professional life path.

Also, nobody shall be dependent on the platform in their actions, anyone can go out now and set up a CuriosiTea or Workshadow, if they want. You can find a guide here, how to:


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Questions? Please contact us: