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Bildschirmfoto 2013-07-14 um 14.27.19 As a curious. . .

The approach of collaboratively developing this idea is very important to us. So, when you go out there, take the idea, try it, work out your own version and add it back to the pool of development by sending us your feedback to:




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As a host. . .

If you are open to host someone for a CuriosiTea or a day-long work/uni shadow, you can already download the CuriosiTea Badge here to put up on your website with a link to this site, to create awareness for the possibility. Also, tell us you would like to host in the future and we will put your name on our list to contact, once the database is set up. Just send us a quick email with name, profession/major, availability and location to:


Are you in? Then Download the Pocket planner:

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You can download and print the current version of the CuriosiTea-Pocktguide.


English // CuriosiTea_GUIDE_SCREEN_EN_18JUL.PDF

Deutsch // CuriosiTea_PLANER_SCREEN_DE_18JUL.PDF


English // CuriosiTea_PLANER_PRINT_EN_18JUL.PDF

Deutsch // CuriosiTea_GUIDE_DRUCK_DE_18JUL.PDF


We need  Y O U  to make this happen:

1. you are A front- and back-end web developer?

2. you like to be a Financial backer?

3. you have a recommendation for a grant for our type of project?

4. you enjoy the work of a Translator spreading the word in Italy, France, Spain, Poland,  . . .?

5. You like to get the idea out there by discussing  CuriosiTea as a pollinator with friends, relatives, colleagues, strangers . . .?


Then, Please get in touch with us: